Change These 8 Things And You Will Be Suprised How Quickly You Start Losing Weight
Obesity became one of the most common health problem in the world, nearly tripling over the past 40 years. And while losing weight can be difficult, you can make it easier by following a couple of rules, and changing your habits. Here are the most common mistakes that prevent your from losing weight.

1. Skipping breakfast

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Researchers have confirmed that people who eat breakfast tend to gain less weight than those who skip it. The study examined 350 adults and those who ate breakfast every day had smaller waistlines than those who didn’t include breakfast in their daily schedules. It’s pretty logical though: If you skip your meal in the morning, you’re more likely to be ravenous by lunchtime and eat more.

2. Not drinking enough water

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Drinking water helps to burn more calories and benefits weight loss. A study of obese women examined the impact that increased water intake had on their weight. The results showed that in one year, drinking over one liter of water per day led to 2 kg of weight loss. So next time you think about what to get to drink, choose good old fashioned water.

3. Eating late in the evening

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Studies confirm that it’s better to avoid late meals unless you want to gain some extra pounds. If food is consumed late, the body will most definitely store those calories as fat rather than burn them. A light snack in the evening will be fine, but try to stay away from your fridge right before bedtime.

4. Skimping on sleep

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Depriving yourself of sleep can really affect your weight. When you’re overtired, you skip exercising and tend to choose high-carb snacks and lots of coffee. Also, sleep deprivation may result in a slower metabolism. So try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

5. Consuming fat-free foods

Consuming fat-free foods

It might seem paradoxical but sticking to a fat-free diet may actually lead to extra weight gain. Removing fat from food will actually make us crave more and result in overeating. Moreover, removing fats from dairy products prevents us from absorbing calcium and vitamins A and D.

6. Getting distracted while eating

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If you’re going to eat your meal, try to do it without watching your favorite series or browsing through social networks. Being distracted during mealtime makes you eat more, researchers say. Meanwhile, paying attention to your meal will let you enjoy it more and have more control over the amount of food you consume.

7. Binge drinking

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Next time you get yourself a glass of beer, think twice. Beer drinking causes excessive belly fat, while heavy drinking of alcohol of all types is known to increase your weight. Try to have less “happy hours” if you’re concerned with your weight.

8. Sitting at your desk all day

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Studies confirm that there’s a correlation between the time spent sitting and obesity. So try to move every 60-90 minutes, or set a timer to remind yourself when to stand up. Try chair exercises or go for a walk — even if it’s just to visit a colleague working on another floor. Add some movement to your day!

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