Deaf 17-Year Old Dog Became A Hero After Saving A Missing Child By Leading Cops To Her Location
As if we needed any more proof that dogs are amazing!

In April 2017, a community in Queensland, Australia went into a collective state of panic when a three-year-old girl went missing overnight. Aurora’s family believed she wandered away from home around 3 p.m. as temperatures dropped and rain fell. The family lived on a large rural property full of thick brush, woodlands and hills.

The following morning, more than 100 volunteers and police officers continued the search. But 16 terrifying hours had passed and there was still no trace of Aurora.

The community feared she fell into a dam near the property.

Suddenly, Aurora’s grandmother and the group of searchers heard faint sounds coming from down the valley and up the mountaintop.

The group made their trek up the mountain on the cold and rainy morning — and that’s when a senior dog, deaf and partially blind, came running.

No one could have prepared themselves for what they were about to realize.

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