Mystery Box Arrives At Animal Care Center. What The Staff Finds Inside Will Melt Your Heart
On the morning of April 23, a mysterious tattered box arrived at the San Jose Animal Care Center. The box omitted a horrible smell — and when the staff peeled back the tape they discovered a severely matted and terrified dog.

“When we opened the box we saw what far too many animals go through: neglect.”

There was an open, oozing wound on the dog’s left shoulder. Her tangled coat was so matted with fleas, dirt and feces that she couldn’t move on her own. “We immediately began the journey to right the wrongs that had been done to this dog and ensure she has a happy life ahead of her,” the staff wrote on YouTube.

They quickly named her “Pandora” in honor of the Greek myth. After a much-needed grooming session to rid her of her matted hair and itchy fleas, Pandora’s adorable little face was finally revealed. She was kept at the shelter for a few days to see if anyone would come looking for her… but no one inquired about Pandora’s whereabouts.

From there, Pandora was spayed, her umbilical hernia were repaired and her masses were removed. Her playful and silly nature emerged and the dog was learning to trust again.

Then the vet received Pandora’s biopsy results — and one of her cysts turned out to be a malignant tumor.

But Pandora’s story doesn’t end the way you may think…

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