Gorilla Sees The Man Who Took Care Of It For 5 Years, And Its Reaction Is Just Heart-Warming!
Recently we hear more and more about animal cruelty all around the world. Endangered species are killed for just about anything that wealthy people see as valuable. While it's undeniably sad and we should do all we can to prevent this cruelty, all this negativity often makes us forget about the positive things.

Damian Aspinall, an English conservationist who transfers captive gorillas back to wild with the help of whole team from Aspinall Foundation, has had an opportunity to reunite with one of his protégés.

Aspinall took care of a gorilla he named 'Kwibi' for 5 years and then it back to wild to have a normal life. After so many years, Damian decided to go look for Kwibi in the jungle.

He was quite losing his hope to never finding Kwibi again when a familiar gorilla suddenly appeared. And  just like the old times, they bonded like father and son. Damian even fed Kwibi again and all of this was filmed and had already inspired lots of people!

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Moments like this beautiful reunion are the proof that there still are a lot of people who care about animal kingdom.

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