Father Catches His Teenage Daughter's Stalker Thanks To A Brilliant Plan And A Camera
The biggest fear of every parent is a possibility that their child could get hurt in any way. That's why we teach our children from early age that world is full of dangers, and what to do to avoid them.

Unfortunately, sometimes there's no other way to protect your child, than taking matters into your own hands. That's what happened when a dad found out that his 15-year-old daughter was being stalked by a stranger on the internet.

After finding out that a man was stalking his 15-year-old daughter (sending pictures and nude messages over Facebook), this dad knew he had to do something about it. He went to the police and showed them the messages, before hatching a plan of his own.

He had been tracking his daughter’s phone for some time through app Family Time and so had been privy to the fact that a stranger, Jeremy Dewayne Gibson, was trying to convince her to meet up with him. After realising that Gibson was planning on coming to his family home, the dad set up a sting operation involving a tent and a surveillance camera. He lured Gibson in by saying that his daughter was waiting for him in the tent.

It didn’t take long before the camera caught something to chill the father’s blood. Just as planned, the stalker arrived at a little past midnight and approached the tent.

Only, it wasn’t the man’s daughter in the tent. Rather, a woman was lying in wait… and she wasn’t alone. The dad and two other men were hiding close by, waiting for Gibson to move in.

As he did so the men leapt from their spot and tackled him to the ground, binding his hands and feet with cable ties.

The police thereafter hailed the sting operation, stating that it had been executed professionally and properly.

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