German Model Decided To Get Rid Of Four Ribs In Pursuit Of Achieving Smallest Waist in The World
30-year old Sophia Vegas Showed off her unique body after undergoing a major surgery. The German celebrity is no newcomer when it comes to plastic surgery, however this definitely is the most drastic procedure she ever put her body to.

Measuring just 47cm, her waist certainly turns heads everywhere she appears

The self-described DJ and model revealed she was inspired by A-list celebrities including Cher and Brigitte Bardot who also allegedly had ribs removed to achieve their iconic look.

Previously Sophia has had a boob job, bringing her up to a size 70K, as well as surgery on her nose. It’s also suspected she has had butt implants.

The model claims she's happier than ever  and intends to further adjust her body until she's fully satisfied.

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